Her makeup style is classic and definitely takes a less is more approach – Frances L.- Public Relations

Zalina is a very generous in sharing her makeup knowledge with her Bootcamp students. I first came to know Zalina nearly 20 years ago when she gave me one-one-one makeup lessons. She took me from insecure makeup amateur to confident makeup maven in 5 short lessons. Her makeup style is classic and definitely takes a less is more approach. Whilst fashion and makeup trends change and cosmetics and skincare technology is always advancing, Zalina gives you a firm foundation upon which to build you own makeup routine. I was very pleased to reconnect with Zalina two years ago and I’ve had the advantage of observing her at several of her workshops and assisted during her Carnival makeup camps as well. Zalina is a committed professional who caters to the tastes and needs of her clients whilst contributing the benefit of her professional experience. She is also dedicated to keeping herself abreast of the latest looks and products to meet the demands of the international fashion industry. I can also vouch for the quality of her line of makeup brushes; I now own quite a few of them myself and will definitely be purchasing more of them in the future. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to hire the services of a professional makeup artist for personal or professional work; or for the aspiring or already established makeup artist looking to improve their skills and broaden their product knowledge. – Frances Lakatoo, Communications Specialist, Trinidad & Tobago