…her ethical business practices, kindness, and authenticity – Denise Nickerson – Geneva, Switzerland

Being a southern woman, I love beauty products – and I have tried many. I was so impressed with Zalina when I met her at a Swiss Entrepreneurs event – her professionalism, her make-up brushes and her perfectly named Amazing Face Oil – and even more importantly, her ethical business practices, kindness, and authenticity. So yes, she looks 20 years younger than she is probably because of this Face Oil, and yes, she knows about the highest standards of quality – Swiss and International – so hire her for her expertise and buy her excellent products – but promote her in YOUR network because of WHO she is and because women entrepreneurs like her deserve to be visible, successful, and elevated. Make introductions for this company and this awesome female leader. I am.
Denise Nickerson – Founder at Salt Consultancy and Women Rock Switzerland