Brush Egg – Make-Up Brush Cleaning Tool


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The Brush Egg is used to effectively deep clean and cleanse makeup brushes. Use with pure olive soap or mild baby shampoo to clean, protect the brush natural fibres. No need for harsh chemicals (alcohol base) to clean your brushes which destroys the natural fibres and reduces the life span of your brushes.

The smaller impressions on top of Brush Egg is used for foaming and lathering (ideal for eye brushes); the deep grooves on bottom is used to gently rotate bristles to deep clean, get rid of excess oils and product build up. Great for deep cleaning foundation brushes.

No need for big, bulky items to clean your brushes, the Brush Egg is petite and fits very easily over your fingers. Made of durable silicone so it will last a long time.

The opening is small, so it is better to hold the Brush Egg in the palm of your hand rather than placing it over your fingers.  Step by step:B20B21B22B23


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