Zalina Wälchli is a health and wealth mindset expert and best known for her “health and wellness” and “women in finance” seminar and webinars and if you want to know her better, Rich Woman Magazine has partnered with Zalina and launched a new podcast hosted by her: Pristine Conversations
Rich Woman Magazine is helping women in transition survive the realities of Covid-19 economic crisis, and inspire them to enrich their life with financial literacy so they can finally remove the fear of investing.
Zalina empowers women and men to change their health and money mindset, drop the money struggle, pay off their debts and optimize their personal goals in wealth, health and wellbeing. Her aim is to help them adhere to the right mindset and make positive changes in their lifestyle, using clean, sustainable, simple and holistic methods to feel good inside out, increase longevity, vitality and become a better version of themselves. Happiness is not an external goal but a journey you take into serendipity…
Today, we hope Pristine Conversations will help you to break through financial ceilings and take ownership of your life regardless of the reasons why your dreams are held hostage at present.

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