Our Story

A pioneer of inside out beauty, health, wealth and wellness. Nature lover Zalina`s early intuition comfirmed her recognition that chemicals used in skin care were adversely affecting the body`s largest organ (skin)! She also recognized a cosmic void in the cosmetic industry for 100% organic and natural products. Zalina recognized that prevailing industry products were not up to her high standards of quality, purity and efficacy. So she started Zalina Swiss Organic to formulate them – for herself, family, friends, beauty masterclass clients and for women who refuse to compromise their health and wellbeing for beauty. Zalina`s products are made from the finest and supercritical plant extracts to regenerate, repair, restore and boost skin health and balance the immune system.


Clean Beauty Unrefined

Inspired by clean conscience and green technology, ethical sourcing of ingredients, renewable resources and sustainability. Our products are Artisan made, Organically farmed, Vegan, Icada certified, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, No GMO, Natural and Organic and High Performance.