Organic Super Foods and Green Health

We partnered up with Ecoideas which is a leading Canadian company committed to providing premium quality certified organic products, superfoods, green healthy nutrition, beauty and personalized DNA testing. A health-focused brand committed to delivering the best quality organic health products to clients in Switzerland and internationally. As a result we created "Zoul" (coming soon) product which meets the highest standards: physical, chemical, and microbiological before reaching “Point of sale“. Visit www.360healthquotient.com We understand the need for people to eat healthier, to help them connect with their bodies and their future for a happier and more fulfilling life. Our wide range of health products caters to various health and fitness needs of both young and aged. The core concept is sourcing the unique products from various location of the planet which is the unique specialty of that area and manufactured under the stringent criteria which can maintain the efficacy of the products in its original form.


We have collaborated with Sidi Yassine of Essouiria. 3Liters of Argan oil = 100 kg of fruit = 50 hours of work. All our products are 100 % organically and ethically grown, certified, biodegradable, sustainable, not tested on animals and gentle on the environment. Argan is our most sought after organic product. The nuts are cold pressed under strict controlled environment in Essauoria, Morocco where the plantations are protected by UNESCO. The harvesting of Argan fruits are handpicked by indigenous Berber women, the fruits are then dried in the African sun. The cold pressing of oils are done by machines in a controlled and hygienic environment. Other nuts are cold pressed, flowers are harvested and oils and essences are extracted, funneled into unique recycle receptacles and packaging. Also, part of the sales of Argan help many large cooperatives in Morocco.